Sports Massage North London

Deep tissue sports massage is a deeper form of massage with oil, using strokes, kneading, stretches and other muscle techniques. It can be concentrated to specific areas to treat various problems, injuries and muscle tightness.

It can also be used as a body massage for relaxation or post exercise soreness and heaviness.

Athough a Deep tissue massage can be relaxing, the main aim is to focus on restoring tissue health by reducing excessive muscle tone which can break down adhesions and elongate shortened muscles, thus aiding circulation and therefore removing waste and bi-products.

We will ask a lot of questions about how the problem started, where you feel your symptoms, what makes them better and what makes them worse. The better you know your problem the easier it is to help you!

By LISTENING to what you have to say we can then ASSESS the problem more accurately and efficiently.

The initial EXAMINATION  at our North London clinic may involve using a model of the joint and muscles involved so that you leave with a clear idea of what is going on. This is in some ways the most important bit of the first session so ask as many questions as you like.

Then we can discuss how we suggest TREATING the problem, what techniques we might use, how long it might be expected to take to get better and what you can do at home to treat yourself. The first session will also involve actually treating the problem as well. If you need more sessions, we will book those with you as we go…our aim is to get you better as quickly as we can so you will leave impressed and tell others about us.

What are the benefits of a regular sports massage?
-Prevent injuries
-Speed up recovery by flushing out lactic acid and reduce pain
-Increase blood flow and the movement of fluid around the body
-Give your body the care, attention and rest it needs after hard training sessions
-Relax your mind and reduce anxiety
-Stretching can be performed by the therapist to give you a deeper stretch

How often should you have a massage?
It’s recommended to have a sports massage at our Islington, North London clinic once a week to once a month dependant on your needs.

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