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Arto Kylmänen  

Sports Massage Therapist 

Arto has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences (Physiotherapy emphasis) from the Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland. In London Arto works as a sports massage therapist. He is a member of CThA and his membership treatments include Holistic Massage, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage and Sports Therapy.

Having worked in the field for more than a decade, Arto has accumulated a wealth of experience in treating clients with various types of musculoskeletal concerns, varying from upper and lower extremity sports injuries to postural and work-related neck, back and shoulder conditions.

A treatment session with Arto can encompass a range of techniques such as deep tissue and friction massage, stretching techniques, neuromuscular facilitation, muscle-energy technique, myofascial release and neural tissue manipulation. The clients will also receive verbal instructions with regard to possible home exercises, correct sitting and working postures, as well as correct execution of movements when using gym equipment.

Arto’s previous clients include Olympic athletes, ballet dancers, classical musicians, free-divers, ultra-long-distance runners, iron men, swimmers, MMA fighters, and a great many City bankers and lawyers seeking relief from the physical manifestations of the stresses of working life.

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