Martin Simpkin


Managing Director

Martin has spent most of his life advising small, medium and large companies in marketing, financial and management techniques. Over the years, Martin has attended numerous courses and has also suggested, in his capacity as a senior manager and director, courses that personnel should attend for the progression of their career. Often these courses were specifically designed around weekends so that personnel could relax and form professional relationships with other members in the Group.

Martin has spent a lifetime setting goals and achieving them both in business and in his private life. He was a senior manager in one of the largest international engineering groups in the 1980’s and then became a director in one of the most respected private construction companies in England.

Martin will be using many of the techniques he has learnt throughout the years to work alongside the NLP practitioners in respect to the courses that will be given at the clinic later this year.

Martin spent a year learning the techniques of co-counselling in 1981, and found many of these techniques fascinating.

Taking over the Clinic in 2010, Martin believes that people are becoming far more aware today of well being and the value of looking after themselves. “Times are changing and whilst years ago people would pay thousands of pounds on the running of a vehicle, they will now pay that sum of money looking after themselves.”

Martin also gives his time to charity and regularly gives performances on the Spanish guitar in this respect.

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